Minigarden Corner column

Minigarden Corner column

Perfect to decorate the corners of your home, includes the drip irrigation system and 8 Minigarden Fixers to safely secure it on the wall.


    Minigarden Corner sets can be arranged vertically and horizontally in 90ᵒ, 180ᵒ, 270ᵒ or 360ᵒ configurations; They can also be connected longitudinally with Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden One modules, to make 90-degree angles structures or to top off the the ends with plants.

    Indoor or outdoor; Suitable for all plant types. Patented technology. Each module is designed to prevent evaporation, while excess water drains to the base tray at the bottom of your unit rather than to the plants below.


    Collection at one of our outlets or delivered to your door!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Minigarden to the wall?

It’s possible to fix each module on the wall by placing screws through the two clips that secure the back of the lid.
As an alternative, it’s possible to use Minigarden Fixers to secure each module to the wall.

Can I hang Minigarden to a wall?

Yes, to hang 3 Minigarden Vertical modules on a wall use 1 Minigarden Wall Support unit.
To hang up to 8 Minigarden Vertical modules use 2 Minigarden Wall Support units side by side.

Do I have to fix Minigarden Vertical on the wall?

No, the 3 module set can be simply placed on the ground leaning against the wall without having to be secured. 
However, if you stack up more than 3 modules, or if the modules are hung on a wall, or if there’s no ground stability (irregular ground, windy location…) we suggest you fix it onto the wall.


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