We are now at Piscopo Gardens!

This spring, we have started to sell Minigarden systems and Fytocell products at Piscopo Garden centre in Burmarrad. A wide range of models and colours can be seen at display both indoors and outdoors.

In fact, we are there to greet you at the very entrance:

The plants have been planted in a mix of Fytobooster-soaked Fytocell and compost, and are irrigated with a system that takes care of everything. This will keep the plants healthy in all kinds of weather.

We also have a big display with boxes and models indoors for you to chose from:

Here you can pick up your desired model and see how they look in real life. We have the irrigation for every model so you can get started right away.

You can of course pick up a bag of Fytocell and mix in your soil while you are there, or fertililizers such as Fytobooster, Fytobooster Immune and Protix for your plants to grow strong and resistant.

There is also a small showcase of strawberries for you to see how nice it will look.

See you at Piscopo´s!

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