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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Of all the plants you can choose for your garden or green wall, succulents are the easiest ones to take care of. They are also beautiful and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colour variations.

They need very little water, grow quite slowly (which means, their appearance will not be difficult to manage) compared to other plants and have no special requirements when it comes to soil and nutrition. What they are fussy about though, is proper drainage and drying out before the next time you water them.

Succulents are not like most other plants. So naturally, if you try to water them like other plants, especially house plants, they aren’t going to survive! More succulents (like plants in general) die from too much watering, rather than drying out. When you water them too much, they simply rot away. The best method is to soak the soil completely and then let it drain.

Succulents usually propagates by leaves and offsets. You can sometimes see a leaf that has fallen off shoot roots if conditions are right. If you prune a succulent, you can put the twigs in water or damp soil and can soon expect to see roots growing out. This way, you can lay leaves on top of soil that you spray frequently with water to make roots shoot. (This is the only time you should use a spray can with succulents, and the only time to water frequently.)

In the winter, Succulents are usually dormant. They wait for spring and summer to grow and flower again. They usually bloom in spring.

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