Perennials is a group of plants that come back year after year, differing from the annuals, which only last for one season. They are often robust, beautiful and resistant, and you can combine them in a way that makes your garden look appealing all year round, even when not in season!

Ideal is to plant when there is no big stress on the plant, such as in spring or autumn. Then the climate is milder and the roots gets plenty of time to grow.

There are many benefits with growing perennials. One is that you don't have to replant your garden every season. You simply let your plants rest during winter, cut them down before new shoots show up in spring and then let them start a new season. Leaving the leaves and stems from the previous season actually helps your plant, since they protect the roots and nourish the soil. It also prevents water from coming into hollow stems, causing the plant to rot or get exposed to pests.

Another benefit is their roots will be resistant and well rooted, leaving next to nothing for weeds to thrive from. (Only the first few weeks after the initial planting, you must be careful to remove weeds that otherwise can take over and suffocate your plants.) Since their roots often go deeper than annual plants´ roots, they survive drought better. If you also mix Fyto foam into your soil, the plants will survive even more successfully. A ratio of 50 to 50 between soil and foam works best.

Perennials come in many shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose between and combine colourful flowers, majestic grasses, bushes, trees and berries, succulents, bulbs, creepers and many more. You can plan to make every month of the season having its own star, replaces by a new one as the previous has over bloomed.

A perennial gets often more healthy if divided after a few years. Then you have new baby plants to either extend your garden, or to give to friends. It is easy to see if the plant is shooting new, smaller plants on the outskirts of the original plant. If so, this is where you cut off the new plant from its mother. The mother plant will get renewed energy as its roots now gets exposed to fertile soil again.

When you choose perennials, just make sure you pick plants that thrive under the conditions in your garden. There are plats for sunny spots, for wind, drought, shade... the possibilities are endless.

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