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Which Minigarden solution is for you?

Did you ever wish you could grow your own herbs or plants in your home, realising you don’t have that much space left? Suddenly, that dream can become a reality.

Minigarden systems offer a solution for every type of urban farmer. The easiest way is the Minigarden One (one pot) or Minigarden Basic (two pots) with a self watering station for your ready bought plants to sit in on your counter top.

You don’t have to get your hands dirty if you don’t like to, but you can still enjoy the beautiful ambient the plants create in your home.

Should you wish to be more hands on, you can create a self irrigating wall or a corner with plants of your choice, indoor or outdoor. You can go for a beautiful wall of Sedum plants that you rarely have to water or look after, or flowering perennials, or herbs, berries and vegetables. The options are endless and you are always free to change your mind.

The Minigarden system is versatile and gives you the opportunity to express who you are. Your plants can be like a work of art on the living room wall or a kitchen garden to produce food for your family. Which one is your favorite?

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