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Green your building with the new green scheme!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Did you know that the Planning Authority has launched a new green wall scheme that you can benefit from? You can have all of your costs covered for a vertical garden wall in front of your house, in your balcony or terrace, including a contribution to the cost of a five year maintenance plan! No matter how small your balcony is, it can be eligible for this scheme as long as it is on the façade. (The scheme is aimed to make the city landscape greener for the public, not only the owner of the particular dwelling.)

We at Minigarden Malta have teamed up with architects, horticulturists and landscape designers, all deeply devoted to not only help you make your house greener, but to better Malta. You can build a green wall in your front garden, grow on your roof or why not your terrace. From one day to the next, you can harvest herbs, vegetables and berries from your vertical garden, a garden that at the same time will produce oxygen, absorb noise and create a relaxing environment.

Why Minigarden Malta? Minigarden Malta is a one stop shop for getting a green wall. We both have the products, materials, knowledge and passion to assist you. We provide you with everything from the right soil to Minigarden pots and irrigation systems, plants and the know-how. We deliver to your door and help you install your wall. The price includes plants, a perfect mix of compost and Fytofoam and an irrigation system. Everything will be carefully thought-through by professionals and chosen to fit your wall.

Minigarden is a well established green wall system and has been used successfully in many countries for decades. We have the backing and can draw on the knowledge of not only our local landscape designers and horticulturists but also that of Minigarden International.

The Minigarden system is very water efficient since every pot is covered, which prevents evaporation. We also mix in Fytofoam in our soil, which halves the use of water due to its water keeping properties. An island like Malta needs to be careful of every drop of water since it is a limited resource. We are proud of addressing that problem.

Minigarden is made of a UV protected, 100% recyclable non toxic plastic that works well for growing your own vegetables, herbs and berries. It will give you and your loved ones years of pleasure surrounding yourself with greenery, scents and beautiful flowers.

When we design your green wall, our gardeners aim to use a large amount of indigenous plants, preferably attracting pollinators that are so crucial to the eco system. We work with local horticulturists and designers who know the island, the climate, the flora and which plants to chose from a local point of view.

How do I apply?

The application goes through an architect, and we will help you answer all your questions and apply for the green wall scheme. Applications can be made from the 15:th of February 2021. The scheme will remain open until April 9:th 2021, or earlier if the budget is taken up.

We are looking forward to help you make Malta a little greener. This is a first come first served basis, so let’s not miss out on this opportunity.

Welcome with your application!

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