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How to chose plants for your green wall

How do I chose plants for my green wall?

When planning your green wall, you first need to look at the space where you will put it. Is it a shady, sunny or partly sunny spot? The space and its properties determine which plants to chose for your wall. Secondly, you can consider what you prefer out of an esthetic point of view.

It is also a good idea to group plants that like the same amount of watering. Succulents, which store moist in their thick leaves, need less than annual summer plants grown from seeds. More plants actually die from getting too much water than the other way around! You can partly get around the problem with too much or too little water by mixing Fytofoam in the soil. Fytofoam keeps the ratio between air and water in the soil, and portions out water as it is needed to the plants.

A good way to plan your wall is to look at existing walls. Search on the internet for inspiration, see what other people have done. Group together plants that look well together and also like the same ambient.

Finally, remember that not all plants can be the star of the show. Just like an orchestra has its soloists, your garden can have them, but the majority playing in the orchestra is there to support and build up the whole impression. The same goes for visual esthetics. If you have only bright stars stealing the show, your wall will look chaotic. Planting bigger patches of the same plants that integrate with each other in an organic pattern is usually a good way to move forward. Look at how Mother nature does it, big areas of one plant that gradually move into the next.

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