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Endless possibilities with Minigarden

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Minigarden Vertical Garden, is an innovative vertical green infrastructure solution that’s perfect for any indoor or outdoor green wall. Its modular system makes it easy to install. The big pot size of each module makes it unique on the Maltese market, ensuring optimal plant growth and lower maintenance cost.

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How Minigarden Vertical Works



Unlike many other living green wall systems, Minigarden is NOT a trickle-down system. Trickle-down systems allow the water from the pots and plants on the upper levels of an installation to flow into the plants and pots below. This eases the transmission of diseases and can often result in waterlogged plants. In contrast, each plant in a Minigarden system is watered individually and does not pass water to the plant below. Instead, any excess water drains into the base tray at the bottom of your Minigarden. This ensures that the roots of your plants are well-drained at all times, a key factor in prosperous vertical and container gardening. And there’s no need to worry about leaking modules like many gardeners experience with fabric-based vertical gardening systems – thanks to Minigarden’s unique drainage design, excess water will become apparent in the base tray long before you need to worry about leaking or overflow. 

Water Retention

With Minigarden, each plant occupies its own individual, enclosed module. That means that you won’t waste water by watering plants that don’t need it. Instead, you can water only the plants that actually need to be watered, instead of having to water the entire installation each time. Minigarden’s modules are also designed to minimise evaporation. Its unique pot and lid design minimises the overall exposure of the soil to sun and air, so your plants will require less water overall. 


Minigarden’s modular design enables home gardeners, architects and professionals to create a large number of configurations to suit any space. Create an installation in any size, wall-mount your Minigarden inside your home or on your outdoor wall using Minigarden fixers or wall supports to save more space, or even combine our Vertical and Corner units to create two, three, or four-sided configurations.

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Minigarden Project Green Walls: Welcome
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