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Minigarden Corner

In every corner of your house

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The Minigarden Corner modules can be combined in many ways

Whether indoors or outdoors, Minigarden Corner breathes new life into every nook and cranny.
Whether for growing aromatic plants in the kitchen or ornamental plants in the living room, Minigarden Corner fits perfectly in your home.

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Combine the Minigarden modules, to achieve the desired wall width.

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The imagination is the limit

Minigarden Vertical modules can be stacked up, placed side by side or back to back.

They can also be used in conjunction with Minigarden Corner in corners or to create 90 degree angles.

Our vertical cultivation system has 3 types of modules with different widths. When combined horizontally in a wall installation, the overall width differs depending on the number and type of modules chosen.

Do not forget that, in this type of wall installation, the Minigarden Corner modules can only be connected longitudinally at the ends and may thus be topped off with plants.

Watch the three examples shown in the picture on your right, where different combinations of modules have very similar total widths.



4 sets of Minigarden Corner

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Suitable for every area


Stack it up

4 sets of Minigarden Corner, 2 sets of Minigarden Vertical and 2 sets Minigarden One

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