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Your potted plants will flourish on less water, with less heat stress, when you add Fytocell.

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Fytocell improves your soil and retains water

Fytocell substrate is a lightweight but very stable, sponge-like substance that makes the perfect soil for all your plants.

It’s a resin, solely composed of organic elements. Its open cell structure provides Fytocell with great water absorption capacity and air permeability (60%/40% ratio) 

This leads to improved water and nutrient absorption by seeds and plants, which results in excellent germination and root development. 

We offer Fytocell in two different types: Flakes and seedling plugs. Both are suitable for all plants and on any scale.

The flakes can be mixed with potting or gardening soil to significantly increase the quality of your soil. But can also be used solely, without any soil added, as the base of your plants.

Use a mixture of 50% potting or gardening soil and 50% Fytocell flakes for guaranteed results.

The plugs form the perfect base for all your seeds and cutting. Every plug has space for one seed or cutting and can be transplanted into any soil. To make the plugs ready for use, it is necessary to prepare them in a mixture of Organic Immune System Improver and water.

Great water-holding ability and air permeability ensure a gradual release of the nutrients and the water absorbed. 

These factors have an extremely positive effect on germination and also encourage faster and finer rooting. As well as creating a splendid and even growth, this improves the self-restoring capability of the turf. 

In other words, with Fytocell you will have finer and better results and reduced water and electricity costs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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Fytocell for Planters: FAQ

Will my plants become waterlogged?

No. Fytocell always retains air space within it’s foam structure, preventing water-logging and rotting of plant roots. This air space also reduces soil compaction in the root zone.

Is Fytocell biodegradable and environmentally safe?

Yes. Fytocell