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Case studies

Twice as green half the water

Learn more about our water-retaining substrates and growing media in with the case studies that have been held in different sectors: 

- Water saving projects

- Roofgardens and Vertical green

- Greenhouse growing

- Sportsfields & Golf courses

- Landscaping 



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Research Composting 

Water retaining capability turf

Research ISHS Acta Horticulturae


Great benefits with Fytocell direct application on outdoor sport fields and greens

Fytofoam® is used very often to improve the water/air – ratio on golfcourses. The benefits are huge, not only in quality improvement of the courses. But there will be a substantial water-saving achieved in the maintenance cycles. Significantly reducing water usage of up to 25 to 50%.


Save up to 50% water by using Fytocell


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